Crypto, tech, 2.0 launch 🚀

Hi its Niels again.

First off all, thanks for all the comments and feedback from the previous newsletter, it was amazing to see such great responses which motivates me to keep writing more often. 

Today, I have a special announcement about our newly launched platform: 2.0, so if you are looking for a remote job or are looking to hire remote talent you’re in for a treat! 


  1. Crypto: Even your grandmother knows about Bitcoin, what’s next?

  2. Tech: From 5G to 5.5G, Wifi on the moon

  3. 2.0: Our redesigned remote job platform 


At this time even your grandma knows about Bitcoin and maybe she is even thinking of trading some of those old silver coins for Bitcoin. While Bitcoin has been reaching a new all time high for 2020, I feel a lot of people still lack good information about what other Crypto projects are trying to achieve. 

Since I got involved with Crypto about four years ago, I stuck with two of my favourite projects: Cardano and Digibyte. These projects are well on their way to help companies implement Blockchain technology at very low cost. For example: Digibyte recently released DigiAssets, a simplified way to create digital assets and Digi-ID, A security protocol to login online accounts, which you can integrate in your website and is completely free to use. 

I know you want to know, what’s next?... I believe Cardano is working on something incredible which even has the potential of taking over Ethereum at some point. Because of the hyped price all eyes are on Bitcoin, but there are projects such as the ones mentioned above which are far superior in terms of technology. It will take some time and education effort before people are starting to pick up on it in mass, but I have good hopes for this to happen soon. 


News from the East

Huawei's Managing Director recently presented his vision for 5.5G. The core of the 5.5G vision is to support the internet of everything to empowering the intelligent connectivity of everything. 

He said that the current 5G technology only achieves basic interaction between people and the virtual world, but in the future holographics need an immersive experience, therefore, the requirements for cellular communications will be much higher, with average access rates increasing from 120Mbps at 4K today to 2Gbps at 16K in the future.

This made me think: do I still need a driver's license in the near future, and when can robots start making up my bed?

News from the West

NASA has selected Nokia as the official cellular provider to the moon, yes the moon! The Finnish telco won a $14.1 million contract to build a 4G LTE base station on the moon by 2022, That means the lunar surface will have 4G coverage before roughly 4.5 billion earthlings do.

The launch of 2.0

During COVID we heard that many people are struggling to find work. This got us extra motivated to do a complete design overhaul of our platform to present a better user-experience for remote job seekers.

Hunt us down

We launched our new website on Product Hunt today, so if you are looking for a remote job or if you are currently hiring you’re in luck! 

That’s it for now, it was good to have you here.

Until next time!